How to Style Your Jewelry for the Pool This Summer

How to Style Your Jewelry for the Pool This Summer

Summertime is the time to chill out and dress down. People love to lounge by the pool where the water is tamer than the ocean, there’s plenty of shade to relax under, and there are fewer environmental elements to worry about. Many tend to forego fancy clothing and accessories in favor of soft and breathable textures, relaxed silhouettes, and comfort from the heat.

But just because it’s the season of t-shirts and shorts doesn’t mean you have to set aside all fashion sensibilities. Understandably, external factors that come with the season, such as heat and water exposure, can greatly impact what you can and want to wear during summer. But with the right accessories, you can turn any laidback summer outfit into a stylish seasonal choice for poolside fashion.

With these four easy ways to style your jewelry for the pool, you can be sure to look your best this summer.

4 Tips for Styling Your Jewelry for Poolside Fun

1. Less is More

It may be tempting to pile on layers of bracelets and necklaces in an attempt to achieve a boho look. However, stacking too many accessories can cause the overall look to appear cluttered and disjointed. To keep the look tight and cohesive, choose a focal point to build on. This will be the main feature of your entire outfit, the point that is meant to draw the eye.

For example, if you’re wearing a stunning green aventurine necklace, tie your hair up and wear simple earrings. Keeping your neck and shoulder areas clear will help keep the attention on the statement and avoid looking too busy.


If you prefer to stack bracelets, consider foregoing a necklace so that the focus stays on the wrist. You can pair the bracelets with a simple anklet so that it’s not too close to your focal point.


2. Pick a Theme for Multiple Accessories

The laidback casualness of summer makes it the perfect season to experiment and try new looks. Choose a theme to build your outfit and accessories around. The great thing about this approach is that it will help keep your look unified and consistent. Playing with different concepts and themes can also be a fun exercise for those who are not used to mixing and matching accessories. It takes a lot of the complicated subjectivity out of the equation because many themes are already intuitive.

Going for a rugged, edgy vibe at an evening pool party? A dark swimsuit will pair well with a black onyx necklace with a black feather charm. 


Feel like going Bohemian chic while you lounge the afternoon away? A beige-toned poolside look can be accentuated with a tan leather bracelet.



3. Play with Contrasts

Many of us have trusty summer staples that are sturdy and highly functional, but not spectacularly fashionable – a favorite post-swim shirt, an oldie but goodie basic swimsuit, a plain pair of beach shorts. These items present the perfect opportunity to play with contrasting jewelry. Get smart with your overall look by pairing accessories that are opposite your outfit.

If you have a basic white or cream-colored swimsuit, give it some instant oomph with a black onyx bracelet and necklace. 


Or if your go-to post-swim shirt is an old band tee, consider wearing delicate pearl earrings or necklaces to balance out the rugged top. The colors will contrast each other, making the jewelry pop out more. The opposing vibes also strike a charming and interesting balance for a unique look.


4. Consider Your Pool Activity

Pool water is normally treated with chemicals, commonly chlorine, to keep it safe for all swimmers. The chemicals are meant to disinfect and eliminate any harmful microorganisms that may grow in the water due to the many different people who go in and out of the contained body of water.

While these chemicals are beneficial for protecting human health, they can negatively impact certain materials. Chlorine can corrode and tarnish metals like gold and platinum. It may also cause precious gemstones to become discolored and brittle. Excessive exposure to heat and sunlight may also change the hue of colored stone, or cause metals to overheat, which leads to discomfort for the wearer. If you wear intricately designed jewelry while swimming or playing games in the pool, the force of the water or movement may dislodge small pieces, like in-set stones, from the accessory.

Take into consideration your activities for the day when planning which accessories to wear in and around the pool. Jewelry made with metals, natural stones, and gemstones is better kept out of chlorinated water but might be suitable for poolside lounging under the shade. On the other hand, accessories made with beads and plastic may be alright to wear while swimming.

With a little creative thinking and out-of-the-box ideas, you can put together the perfect look for your next poolside adventure. Keep in mind the clothes you’ll be wearing, how your various jewelry pieces work together, what type of environment you’ll be in, and, importantly, what makes you feel amazing, and you can’t go wrong.

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