How to Style Skull Jewelry for October

How to Style Skull Jewelry for October

It’s the spookiest time of the year, and thus, the time when most of us unpack our darkest accessories. (But we’d like to argue that you don’t have to wait until October to don your most spooktacular fashion.) You might be wondering how to style a simple yet chilly October classic: skull jewelry.

Skull accessories are quintessential to October festivities. They're fashionable, chic, and can be paired with pretty much anything in your inventory. No need to fuss about this month’s OOTDs anymore, because here are six ways to style your skull jewelry for the creepiest month of the year — like our stainless steel skull bracelet.

skull jewelry bracelet

How to Style Your Skull Jewelry

1. Pair it with a choker

Chokers are great accessories that can make your casual and everyday looks more interesting and catchy.

If you wish to fully embrace the goth aesthetic this season, a combination of a black choker and skull jewelry can make that dream a reality. Some chokers even allow you to change and add a custom pendant, allowing you to further personalize and customize your fall attire.

If you don't have a choker, you can always DIY at home and cut an inch of thick, stretchable fabric from a piece of clothing, connect its ends onto each other, and voila! A simple choker band made to fit with your spooky jewelry.

A general rule of thumb to follow when matching your earrings with a choker is to make sure your earrings are on the smaller side. Large statement earrings may clash with the choker and frame your face in a boxy way. So, when looking for chokers to go with your skull jewelry, consider the rule of thumb, “Less is more.”

(But hey, if you think that more is more, then wear what makes you feel fabulous!)

2. Try incorporating skull prints or patterns

Skulls are a staple in goth culture. They were worn to show mourning in the Victorian era and are often associated with life and death. Of course, it's not required that you contemplate life's purpose to show that you've got the Halloween spirit (though that'll definitely spice up your look).

If you simply wish for more cohesive and uniform outfits, there's no better time to go all out on skull-themed graphic tees and prints to pair with your skull jewelry than this October. If you want to be more subtle and stay consistent with the theme, look for skull patterns on a cute scarf or a trendy hat.

Even a carefully selected skull brooch can do the trick.

3. Wear it with a ruffled pastel skirt or patterned dresses

Like we've said, skulls don't always have to be dreadful. It's nearly 2022, and this new turn of the decade is all about breaking with tradition and norms. Rock a goth-meets-glam aesthetic by combining two fashion articles that aren't usually worn together.

Try a ruffled pastel skirt or a flower-patterned dress paired with a skull bracelet for a more unconventional style. This mixing and matching of traditionally dark articles of clothing with “cuter” ones have been a trend since 2018 — and it's here to stay.

Sometimes, combining two things that seemingly don’t belong together is the best fashion statement you can make.

4. Pair your skull jewelry with leather

Edginess is what Halloween is all about. You can never go wrong with a skull and leather duo; Nicolas Cage in Ghost Rider says so. If you want to go for a punk goth vibe, then leather jackets are the way to go. It's a closet staple that goes well with any of your skull jewelry. There's no one rule about how you should style under the leather, so feel free to experiment with patterns, styles, and colors to your heart's desire.

For accessories, you can wear a variety of studded leather bracelets, or you can stick to one thick leather bracelet for a more minimalist approach.

leather bracelet

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5. Match it with some boots

While accessorizing with different textures and clothing colors is fun, it won't work for every look. Sometimes you want your jewelry to be the main attraction, and that is totally okay.

Chunky and rugged combat boots are great fashion statements that can complete your Halloween ensemble without taking the attention away from your jewelry. Another amazing thing about combat boots, besides the fact that they're hardcore but totally comfortable, is that they're also never out of trend.

stainless steel skull jewelry bracelet

6. Complete the look with a bold makeup approach

Bold makeup that matches your jewelry can highlight your best features and subtly play up the drama in your looks. If you're just experimenting with eye-catching makeup, a classic look that never goes out of style is a winged liner with a modern bold lip.

If you want to play with colors, build your palette using eyeshadow colors that complement the jewelry. Skull jewelry often comes in silver, so cooler colors such as black, browns, greys, and blues can really make your jewelry pop and stand out.

And if you're feeling really bold, use a graphic liner on top of your smoky makeup for just a fun splash of color.

Importantly, we want to remind you of this: When it comes to fashion, the rules are… there are no rules. Be creative, think outside the box, and above all else, wear what makes you feel cool and confident. If you follow this advice, you can’t go wrong.

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