How to Pack Jewelry and Keep it Safe While Traveling

How to Pack Jewelry and Keep it Safe While Traveling

Are you a frequent traveler who loves to bring along their favorite fashion accessories? You’ve probably already noticed that keeping your jewelry organized and tidy can be a bit of a pain. Let’s talk about how you can pack your jewelry for your next trip to avoid tangles, scratches, and misplaced pieces.

How to Pack Jewelry the Right Way for Traveling: 10 Easy Tips

You don’t have to sacrifice your sense of style for your upcoming trip. Here are 10 simple ways to keep your belongings in order.

1. Carry the valuable pieces on you.

This one is a good rule of thumb in general.

Your jewelry might be a high-priced investment. We hope this never happens, but in case your luggage gets lost, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that some of your prized possessions are with you. Wear them or bring them in your handbag/carry-on, as this offers more security than stowing it away somewhere else.

This might include your engagement ring and wedding band, and any other valuable gems you plan on bringing with you.

(As a related side note, it’s also a good idea to get your more expensive pieces insured!)

2. Use a metal ring or a carabiner.

Hold your rings and bracelets together by using an O ring or a carabiner. You can place them inside your luggage to keep like jewelry together. Make sure to clip them onto something stable and unmoving, like the inside netting of your suitcase. This will prevent them from getting tossed around while you get from Point A to Point B.


3. Use buttons for your earrings.

Small studs get lost so easily, even more so when you’re packing jewelry for a trip. Losing earring backings is even more frustrating. One of the most effective and easy ways to keep your earrings organized is through the use of buttons. Simply insert each earring into a buttonhole. You can keep the buttons in a separate bag or tuck them into a pocket of your suitcase.

button for earrings

4. Use a tackle box or bead organizer.

Bringing your actual jewelry box with you might not be feasible. But there are other more travel-friendly containers you can use for your jewelry. Tackle boxes and bead organizers have removable compartments that allow you to customize the space for your jewelry.

Plus, especially with tackle boxes, they’re built to withstand a little wear and tear. You can place the box at the bottom of your luggage to keep it from moving around.

5. Try press-and-seal wrap.

This is another DIY option to secure your jewelry when traveling. Use plastic wrap like Glad Press’n Seal to keep your jewelry from tangling inside your luggage. Place your jewelry on one sheet and then seal it with another sheet on top. Press down to secure firmly.

Lay the sheet flat in your suitcase, in between clothes, or roll it up and tuck it in along the lining.

6. Store your necklaces in straws.

Necklaces can get easily tangled in your jewelry box, and traveling with them can be even trickier. Once a tiny, delicate chain gets knotted, it might stay that way forever.

Loop each necklace through a straw to keep them separated and tangle-free. This will also prevent the metal from experiencing any damage or wear and tear.

7. Use a jewelry roll organizer.

A roll-up organizer (like this one on Amazon) is a great option because it doesn’t require a lot of space and has compartments inside. It gets easily packed in your suitcase and can be quickly unrolled and hung up in your room once you unpack for easy access. As an added bonus, your jewelry is easily visible when you want to accessorize during your trip.

8. Pillboxes are a good alternative.

They’re not just for supplements and medication. You can use an ordinary pillbox to pack and organize your jewelry. They’re small, durable, and perfect for those tinier pieces of jewelry that you’re concerned about misplacing. Plus, they’re a good size to bring with you in your purse or carry-on.


9. Try this DIY organizer using toilet paper rolls.

It might seem like a bizarre idea, but you can easily create a DIY jewelry organizer with toilet paper rolls. You can place your bracelets around the paper roll, pin your earrings on the cardboard, and insert your necklaces through the roll. Fill only half of the paper roll to avoid overflowing.

Remember, one of the goals here is to keep your pieces organized. This is a super simple way to do it with an item you already have in your home: toilet paper!

10. Pack your jewelry in a washcloth or hand towel.

This jewelry packing tip kills two birds with one stone. Not only will it keep your jewelry organized and protected, but you can use the towel on your travels.

Just place your jewelry neatly on a towel and then roll it up and secure it with a hair tie or something similar. You could also fold the towel for a similar effect.

Packing your jewelry for an upcoming trip can be a hassle. But with a little creative thinking, you can keep all of your valuable accessories tidy and safe. Don’t forget, too, that you can also apply these tips if you’re moving from one home to another to avoid lost or damaged pieces.

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