How to Jazz Up Your Work Wardrobe with Jewelry

How to Jazz Up Your Work Wardrobe with Jewelry

If you think about shows like Suits, The Office, and just about any corporate-related show in between, you’ll notice that work wardrobe plays a big role in defining someone’s office persona.

Whether it’s a CEO’s high-end watch or an executive’s stunning earrings, jewelry plays a vital role in crafting your workplace image and helps you make a great impression on your colleagues and bosses.

Check out these four surefire tips on using accessories to level up your work wardrobe.

How to Stay Chic at Work With Your Jewelry Picks

1. Accessories Speak Volumes About You; Choose Your Words Carefully!

It’s not only our words and actions that send a message to others about who we are. According to research by Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner, what we wear is perceived as social and economic markers.

You can project a certain image - good or bad, capable or naive, composed or stressed - depending on your choice of outfit and accessories. Office wear staples often leave a positive mark. On the other hand, anything that looks like you didn’t bother to put effort into it or that you’re trying to hide who you are typically sends the wrong message.

If you’re not sure how to upgrade your work outfit with jewelry, the classics are a great starting point. You can’t go wrong with a minimalistic wristwatch. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a Rolex or Cartier; many affordable options are designed simply yet elegantly, achieving the same effect and perfect for any day-to-night attire.

Plus, they help exude an image of professionalism and responsibility.

Sterling silver accessories are another sophisticated go-to that should be in anyone’s jewelry collection. The metal’s sleek and clean finish adds a touch of class and modernity to any outfit. A slim silver chain necklace with a minimalistic pendant elevates without distracting from the face.

Sterling silver cross necklace

A thin sterling silver bracelet that sits delicately on the wrist radiates gentle, effortless confidence. 

Sterling silver bracelets

2. Add a Pop of Color

Another good starting point for elevating your office wear with accessories is by adding a striking pop of color as your outfit’s focal point. Even just one or two colorful pieces inject fun and character into your outfit without being hard on the eyes.

This is particularly helpful if you’re not yet used to mixing and matching different textures and designs. It also adds a bit of spice and playfulness to your look if you tend to wear more neutral-toned clothes to work.

You’ll find a diverse range of natural stones, varying in color, size, and style, to suit any workday outfit. If you’re feeling adventurous, try on a stunning lapis lazuli bracelet that peeps just below the sleeve of a standard black blazer.

Lapis lazuli necklace.

Or if you want something more suitable for everyday wear, opt for natural stone bead bracelets. The wonderful thing about natural stone jewelry is that it’s associated with positive properties, like mental clarity and energy, that are needed in the workplace.

If you’re looking for office jewelry that’s youthful yet sophisticated, an ultra-thin silver necklace sprinkled with rainbow-hued cubic zirconia might be right up your alley.

Sterling silver necklace with Cubic Zirconia.

3. When in Doubt, Less is More

Stacked necklaces, mismatched earrings, modernized retro accessories – these might be trendy these days based on major fashion houses and style pillars, but you want your accessories to highlight your personality at work, not distract from it.

There are certain kinds of accessories that are generally acceptable in any workplace setting, such as watches, rings, and bracelets. But if you’re more fashion-forward and inclined to experiment, be guided by the golden rule of “less is more.”

Be mindful of the balance of accessories. Choose thin stackable rings that are uniform in size and color to avoid appearing gaudy. A leather bracelet matched with an eye-catching watch gives a subdued edgy vibe while still upholding a professional persona.

Leather bracelets

If you’re wearing long drop earrings, you may choose to leave the necklace at home or go for a simpler style so that they don’t clash.

4. Consider Your Workplace

It’s important to express your individuality and stand out in the workplace; but it’s equally important to be considerate of what’s acceptable with your colleagues and peers.

If you’re accessorizing for a conservative or corporate work setting that requires you to wear business or smart casual attire more often, be selective about the pieces you wear to project a classy and confident aura. If you’re in a more relaxed or creative setting, you may have more liberty to experiment with large, eye-catching pieces and out-of-the-box textures.

Make sure to factor in wearability as well. Everyone loves a good set of layered bracelets and rings, but if they cause excessive clanging while typing at your desk or even walking down the halls, you may want to rethink them.

We always want to highlight what might be the most important “rule” of all: There are no rules. Ask yourself this: Does your jewelry make you feel beautiful? Confident? Powerful? Then it’s the right jewelry for you.

We all have a unique style to show off.

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