Changing Your Home's Energy With Decor

Changing Your Home's Energy With Decor

Home is the place where you rest and recharge, where you seek comfort and find peace. It’s the place where you keep your most prized possessions and feel safe to be yourself. It plays such a vital role in a person’s mental and emotional state, so it’s essential to fill the home with prosperous energy.

Dispelling negativity and attracting positivity into the home doesn’t have to be complicated. A few meaningful pieces can also elevate the aesthetics of a home, making them the perfect decor.

If you’re looking to change or improve the energy in your home with decor, here are five meaningful home decor ideas to get you started:

Shifting Your Home’s Energy with Decor

1. Himalayan Salt Lamps

Famous for its warm and relaxing pinkish-orange glow, Himalayan salt Llamps are believed to positively impact your energy by inducing negative ions. These lamps are made from pink salt crystals that originate close to the Himalayas. Aside from being used as salt lamps, pink Himalayan salt is also used for salt therapy at spas and actual cooking.

Himalayan salt lamps are believed to release negative ions, which help purify the air by minimizing dust in the surrounding area. One study suggests the negative ions can help reduce depression, which supports the belief that Himalayan salt lamps help increase energy levels, improve one’s overall mood, and promote sound sleep at night.

A negative ion is an atom that has more electrons than neutrons, giving it a negative electrical charge. These are needed to balance out the positive ions that the body is bombarded with daily due to prolonged exposure to electronics. A healthy balance of negative ions is said to help increase energy, reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, and improve indoor air quality.

The most powerful sources of negative ions are found in nature, but for those who are cooped up in offices or the home all day, Himalayan salt lamps are a viable alternative.

2. Gemstones

Today, natural stones and crystals are popularly used as home decor because of their unique colors and luxurious appearance. But these stones have long been used and trusted for generations, as gemstones have unique healing properties that can either promote good things or protect against bad things.

According to Heather Askinosie, the co-author of Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune In To The Real You, incorporating gemstones in your surroundings can be therapeutic to the soul and help you connect with nature. The power of natural stones stems from their unique energy and vibration frequency. When a certain stone is placed near a person, the stone’s energy influences the person’s energy by harmonizing with it or balancing it.

There are many types of natural stones, but here are a few that we recommend using as home decor:

  • Bedroom: Rose quartz is a peaceful stone that induces rest, peace, and unconditional love. Selenite is an energy cleanser that you can place under the bed or pillow for a restful slumber. Amethyst promotes relaxation and intuition.
  • Office: Shungite is believed to neutralize and absorb electromagnetic waves emitted by electronic devices. Pyrite is known to promote ideas and opportunities, so put it on top of your business card to attract abundance.
  • Children’s room: Blue lace promotes tranquility. Celestite emits soothing energy that is thought to counteract anxiety due to overactive imaginations. Smoky quartz stabilizes overactive or unwanted energies.
  • Living room: Amethyst is a protective stone that functions as an energy purifier by neutralizing negativity and radiating positivity. Fluorite is ideally placed on a coffee table to help balance the energy of the space and cultivate grounded positivity.
  • Kitchen: Carnelian is a dynamic gemstone that stimulates confidence, creativity, and motivation, so place these with your cookbooks to help inspire you. Clear quartz helps keep the energy in the room clean and pure. Keep sodalite under the table to promote harmonious conversations.
  • Bathroom: Clear quartz is a cleansing stone, so place it by your shower or tub to cleanse your spirit as you refresh your body. Rose quartz is a loving stone that can promote self-care.
  • Front door: Black tourmaline is a protective and cleansing stone, so place it outside your front door to purify your energy and prevent negative energy from coming in.
  • Garden: Green aventurine can be buried in the soil or in potted plants along with clear quartz to tap into the Earth’s energy to promote plant vitality.

Gemstones enhance the aesthetics of a home as decor. But if you want to continue experiencing the benefits of natural stones even outside the home, consider wearing jewelry with healing stones.

healing stones


According to feng shui, having trees around the home signifies growth and vitality because healthy trees mean there’s healthy earth in the area. Below are some trees commonly planted at home and what they mean for the homeowner’s energy:

  • Oak: represents power and courage
  • Wisteria: promotes romance
  • Cherry: signifies good fortune when in bloom, and represents love and romance
  • Palm: connotes peace and relaxation
  • Birch: symbolizes new beginnings
  • Elm: typically also found in educational institutions; signify inner strength and intuition
  • Maple: promotes balance and holds a sense of promise
  • Redwood: signifies longevity
  • Cedar: believed to possess cleansing and healing properties
  • Fir: stands for springtime and rebirth
  • Japanese maple: represents peacefulness and prosperity

For those residing in urban areas or unable to grow trees or plants at home, a gem tree might be what you need to improve your energy. It combines the symbolism of trees with the healing properties of gemstones to usher in positivity and good fortune into your home.

Even without an actual tree, you can still embody its noble meaning with jewelry like a Tree of Life necklace or an adjustable Tree of Life bracelet.

adjustable tree of life bracelet

4. Elephants

These majestic animals are highly respected in Buddhism and Hinduism, with deities depicted as rising on elephants. Ganesha, one of the most loved and popular gods in the Vedic system, has the body of a boy and the head of an elephant. Furthermore, as elephants are massive and powerful creatures, they were trained in ancient times to remove obstacles during battles.

Today, elephant decor can represent different things and positively influence your home’s energy depending on where they are situated. Two elephant statues placed near the front door can symbolize protection. Following feng shui practices, the pair can face outwards to guard the main entrance. Inside the home, elephant imagery can invite positive energy and good fortune. If you have a home office, put one on your desk to manifest success in your career.

Wearing elephant imagery inside and outside the home, such as a bracelet with an elephant charm, is also believed to symbolize protection and attract good luck.

adjustable elephant bracelet

5. Skulls

This might seem left-of-field, but skulls are growing in popularity as home decor. Perhaps this is because of changing perceptions on what is aesthetically pleasing, compounded by the diverse range of skull-inspired designs available today.

Skulls are traditionally thought to represent the dead (for obvious reasons), but they can also symbolize eternal wisdom and function as a sobering warning against temptation and corruption. Skulls have long been displayed in the home, with evidence showing they were placed on benches, floors, and shelves since 7,200 BC in the Middle East. However, it cannot be verified what purpose skulls served, as these predate any system of recording. Skulls can also represent change and transformation, with some cultures linking it to foresight and strength.

If having actual skull statues or figures in your home is not your style, you might consider getting a painting instead. For example, Andy Warhol created “Skulls” in 1976 in his signature style. You can also don skull-incorporated jewelry to express your individuality.

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