7 Spring Accessories That Look Perfect for the Season

7 Spring Accessories That Look Perfect for the Season

While many are looking at 2021 to be the year of moving forward, fashion is looking backward to put a fresh spin on some timeless classics and a few nostalgic favorites. From modernized rainbow beads that are reminiscent of DIY friendship bracelets to textured metallic bands and earrings that look straight out of an excavation site – in the age of limited travel and endless video calls, find yourself transported to a different time and place with a few carefully chosen spring accessories. 

Watch out for the seven trends below that promise to add a splash of color and attitude to your 2021 springtime.

7 Accessories That We Love for Spring 2021 

1. Hammered Metals

Metals such as gold, sterling silver, and brass have long been cornerstones in jewelry. But for this year’s spring season, many designers have refreshed the image of these fashion staples, opting for crushed textures instead of the classic smooth finish.

In stores and online, we’re seeing oversized earrings with rigid slabs of hammered metals in abstract shapes. On the other hand, other designers are opting to take a more refined route by applying the organic feel to geometrical cuffs and bracelets. 

This versatile texture can be used for all sorts of jewelry such as rings, bracelets and cuffs, necklaces, earrings, and pendants. The “raw and untouched” appearance adds an edgy flair to any ensemble. 

2. Next-Level Earrings

Earrings are getting an upgrade in 2021, with big-name designers crafting shoulder-length art pieces and eye-catching pops of colors that frame the face.

But don’t let this elevated accessory intimidate you.

There are diverse silhouettes to choose from depending on your style and outfit. Mixed metals with feathered ends just grazing the shoulders pose as the perfect conversation-starter to ramp up a casual outfit. Crushed abstract metal with diamonds and gemstones add a modern touch to traditional black-tie attire. 

If you’re not ready to take the full plunge, try some more discreet alternatives. Small metal hoops with different dangling charms on each ear are a quiet but quirky way to express your personality. Oversized orb earrings, such as double-ball pearl studs, are slightly more adventurous without being overstated.  

3. New Age Chains

Big, bold, and bulky – that’s how you should be wearing your chains this season. We’re spotting plenty of thick chain accessories in the latest collections. Because of their flexibility, chains can take on different forms to suit different styles.

Balance out a satin top with a silver chain choker for that rock-chic touch. Upgrade a casual t-shirt or plaid button-down with an oversized chain necklace with a statement pendant.

4. Grown-Up Childhood Favorites

The resurgence of retro fashion has revived many school day classics. Don a modern, adult version of your summer camp necklaces with rainbow-hued beads. But unlike the ones you made as a kid with your best friends, these are elevated with the use of premium accents such as pearls, natural stones, and faux seashells.

Charms are also making a comeback. They’re worlds away from the plastic trinkets you added to your friendship bracelets, now shaped from gold and silver, and decorated with gems and natural stones.


Some notable designers who have revived this fashion staple are Christian Dior, who made a line of colorful beaded bracelets and necklaces alternated with coffee beans and pearls, and Versace, who brought Atlantis to life with vibrant chokers, dangling starfish earrings, and gold drawstring bracelets.

5. Modernized Pearls

You might want to raid your mom’s and grandmother’s jewelry stash, because pearls are back in style and cooler than ever! Timeless and versatile, modern pearls are incorporated in various accessory silhouettes ranging from drop earrings to layered necklaces.

The natural, gentle elegance of pearls makes them perfect for counterbalancing the edginess of tough-looking materials such as chains or leather, or softening the vibrancy of gemstones. 

6. Feathers

Fashion powerhouses have sophisticatedly incorporated feathers into style staples and paired them with laidback classics. These have been prominently sent down the runway as part of luxury wear, such as Fendi’s feathery skirt, which they topped with a puffer jacket, or No. 21’s oversized feathered cardigan overlaying a striped button-down. They have been used to detail otherwise plain apparel, such as sweaters, satin tops, and blazers.

However, for a more subtle and restrained approach, feathers can also be used to accentuate accessories. You’ll find them as the finishing touch on shoulder-length earrings, or the focal point of tribal-style bracelets. They can be real feathers, faux feathers, or feather-shaped charms for longer-lasting durability.


7. Micro Bags

The concept of wearing minuscule bags as necklaces has been around since 2018, and the bags just keep getting smaller as the trend gets stronger. It’s delightful in its quirkiness and impracticality, serving as a novel centerpiece.

Several fashion houses have adopted the trend, but a few have dared to push the envelope further. Jacquemus, the mastermind behind the micro bag trend, designed dangling bag-silhouetted earrings out of hammered brass, combining several season trends in one. On the other hand, Louis Vuitton took its signature monogram and turned it into a zippered leather cuff.

Sure, you might not be able to fit much in them… but fashion isn’t always about what’s the most practical, right?

Beyond following all of the “rules,” this rule is most important: Wear what makes you feel fabulous! When it comes to jewelry and fashion, the sky is the limit and there are no boundaries.

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