6 Popular Summer Jewelry Looks to Elevate Your Style

6 Popular Summer Jewelry Looks to Elevate Your Style

Summer is a season of endless possibilities. It ushers in sunny days and high temperatures, presenting more opportunities to dress down and try different styles. Typically, summers are highlighted by beach getaways and out-of-town adventures. But no matter how you’re spending the season, fashion can help transport you anywhere you want – from the beaches of Hawaii to your playful summer camp days by the lake.

Here are just a few summer jewelry looks and trends that we’re excited for in 2021.

2021’s Best Summer Jewelry Looks

1. Anklets

Summer fashion is about achieving maximum impact with minimum effort. It’s the season for dressing down; but for the fashion-forward, it presents a unique opportunity for allowing small tweaks to make a big difference.

Anklets are a trademark summer accessory. As versatile as bracelets, you can find these in a diverse array of styles and materials — from the standard woven drawstring anklets to textured beaded anklets with seashell charms.

Throw it on when stepping out in shorts or cropped pants to add some attitude, or complete the gypsy look by pairing an anklet with a loose bohemian shirt and sandals. It’s effortlessly stylish with just the right amount of chic.

2. Natural Stones

A timeless go-to, natural stone accessories will always be trendy summer staples. Whether you advocate the power of gemstones and select them based on the healing properties you need, or you simply think they’re pretty to look at (and they are!), there’s a style and form for you.

Natural stone beaded bracelets are the most common and versatile, but you’ll find many options for necklaces, earrings, and rings.



Go tribal with impactful colored natural stones like lapis lazuli bracelets or tiger eyes beads. Or if you want a simpler approach, opt for lava stone or black onyx jewelry.

One of the best things about natural stone jewelry is its durability. Many gemstone accessories are designed to withstand various elements like sun, water, and sweat, so you can wear them at the beach and even frolic in the ocean without worrying about damaging them.

And speaking of the beach...

3. Beach-inspired Jewelry

Whether you’re headed for the beach or vacationing in your mind, sprinkle summer into your look with beach-inspired trinkets and charms. Dare to go big and bold! Try on a set of shell drop earrings and pair them with pastel-hued fabrics for that carefree whimsical feel.

Channel the sea with modernized pearl necklaces strung up with multi-colored beach beads. Or if sophisticated subtlety is more your speed, clip on some starfish or palm tree charms to your woven bracelets or slim chain necklaces for a touch of wanderlust.

4. Color Connection

It’s in with the old, but cooler. Add pops of color to a plain sundress with a sterling silver necklace with rainbow crystals. Upgrade those summer camp necklaces with designer beach beads, as reimagined by fashion powerhouses like Versace and Jason Wu.



Play up a classic t-shirt and jeans combo with customizable multi-Pisa beads threaded through a slim metal chain for a fresh spin on your childhood friendship bracelets. 

5. Mix and Match

This summer, it’s more than acceptable to go a little bigger and bolder. Adorning your fingers with a variety of thin metal band rings radiates a delicate etherealness. For that extra oomph, don’t be afraid to mix metals or don a few multi-colored gems for that eye-catching twist.

Play around with different styles and textures. Stack bracelets of contrasting materials — a metal band for class, some natural stone beads for positive energy and that boho feel — capped off with tribal leather for sleek edginess.



Or you can also go the whimsical route by partnering your investment pieces with slim pastel beads or charm-embellished bracelets.

Bid adieu to primly paired earrings; this season, get rebellious with purposely mismatched earrings. Be an effortlessly chic fashion hurricane by pairing a simple metal stud on one ear and a statement shoulder-grazing drop earring on the other to elevate and draw attention to your neckline.

If you have multiple ear piercings, you’ll have lots of fun mixing different lengths and styles all at once – perhaps a thin band to hug your helix, a pastel stud on your upper lobe, and an eye-catching drop earring on the lower lobe.

You can also layer up your necklaces for the ultimate bohemian vibe. Start with a vibrant base and build upward with thinner strands and choice pendants to fit your wardrobe.

6. New-Age Storage

Of course, no summer getaway is complete without the perfect carryall for your essentials. While woven straw bags have long been used in tropical countries like Bali and the Philippines, major designers like Burberry, Valentino, and Bottega Veneta have caught on and elevated these for the runway.

There are also minimalistic options if you only want to bring select items. Phone pouches have gotten the luxury treatment from the likes of Chanel and Balenciaga, with high-end carriers made from leather, attachable chains, and other premium materials.

Your mom’s and grandma’s eyeglass chains have also gotten an upgrade, so there’s now a cool new way to bring your sunglasses aside from tucking them into the front of your shirt or over your head. Stylish sunglasses chains come in different materials and colors to tickle your fancy – from multi-colored synthetics for that throwback retro groove to slim metallic chains with embellishments for more modern elegance.

It’s fun to play with jewelry year round, but summer brings a special… something. Whether you’re looking for a piece that’s fun and funky or muted and subtle, we’ve got something for you. Build your style with Himalaya Jewelry.