6 Pieces of Jewelry That Every Wardrobe Needs

6 Pieces of Jewelry That Every Wardrobe Needs

There’s an endless multitude of jewelry and accessories available on the market, limitless possibilities to suit every enduring style and passing trend. Even for the fashion-savvy, it can be mind-boggling to figure out where and how to start.

Luckily, there are some pieces of jewelry that stand the test of time. Read on to learn more about the types of jewelry you must have in your wardrobe to be fashionably ready for any occasion.

6 Jewelry Must-Haves for Every Fashionista

1. A Versatile Sterling Silver Piece

Sterling silver is one of the most wearable metals because of its versatility and durability. Pure silver is quite a soft metal, so it tends to get dented easily. But sterling silver is approximately 92.5% pure silver mixed with 7.5% copper, making it stronger and less likely to dent or scratch.

The light grayish tone of sterling silver makes it compatible with most skin tones, so it can be worn by just about anyone. It pairs well with most colors and can even be layered with other metals such as white gold or platinum, so you can wear it with just about anything.

Don a chic sterling silver pendant necklace for a black-tie affair. Layer a long slim chain with colorful feathers and tassels for a Coachella-ready look. Upgrade a casual tee and jeans outfit with a silver cuff.

2. Everyday Stud Earrings

Subtle, simplistic, and diverse – stud earrings are standard must-haves that go with just about anything. They are made in a variety of styles and come in different sizes, so it’s easy to find a design to fit the occasion. They’re also favored by those with multiple ear piercings because they don’t take up too much space, making them easy to mix, match, and stack.

Nothing beats a plain silver or gold stud earring for a quick jewelry fix on the go. These are appropriate for all ages and most occasions. Let your personality shine with shaped stud earrings, like pastel-colored shell stud earrings for a carefree beach vibe or large black studs for an edgy touch. Upgrade a casual outfit with an effortlessly classy pair of diamond stud earrings for that instant sparkle.

You can’t go wrong with studs. Period.

3. Colorful Gemstones and Natural Stones

Metallics are the obvious choice, even for those new to accessorizing. But step out of your comfort zone and show off your personal style by playing around with rainbow tones. Vibrant gemstones and natural stones are an easy but effective way to incorporate dimension to an outfit, especially if you naturally lean more towards neutral ensembles.

Plus, many natural stones offer positive health and energy benefits that can benefit your daily life.

Because natural stones and gemstones are typically used as focal points and embellishments, you’ll find a diverse range of accessories that are appropriate for different occasions. A beaded natural stone bracelet exudes a laidback aura even when paired with a button-down, while a slim silver necklace set with colorful crystals adds playfulness to a standard little black dress or plain white top.

4. A Bold, Statement Piece

Have you ever struggled to elevate a basic ensemble because all your accessories just felt bleh? Two steps towards being adventurous may be just what you need to make all the difference. An eye-catching statement piece is a must-have in any wardrobe as an SOS upgrader. This type of accessory is typically not meant for everyday wear because of its unique design, but it surely turns a few heads and instantly amplifies an outfit.

Take your trusty white tee and blue jeans combo to the next level with a striking green aventurine necklace for an effortless pop of color. Or channel your inner warrior with a stainless-steel skull bracelet to add finesse to a band shirt and boots.


5. A Timeless Trusty Timepiece 

It’s hard to go wrong with a wristwatch. It’s functional, simple, and versatile depending on the design. Metallic watches are wardrobe staples because they are appropriate for most social activities. You don’t even have to splurge on a high-class luxury watch. A well-designed minimalistic steel watch would suffice for anyone on a budget as it’s affordable, sturdy, and gets the job done.

The beauty of a timeless watch is that it’s a universal sign for positive characteristics such as responsibility, intelligence, and class. Wear it to work to make a good impression on your colleagues and clients. Pair it with a casual outfit for a touch of seriousness and sophistication.

Many of us don’t see the purpose of watches these days, considering we always have our phones on us. But don’t underestimate the power of this classical piece.

6. Sophisticated Leather

Leather has a long history in human clothing. Its use and the perception of it have evolved, from being functional protective wear in ancient times to being a distinctive statement fabric for clothes and accessories. Even in recent times, leather has gone from being closely associated with rock and roll to a versatile material used to exude strength and sophistication.

Slip on a black leather cuff for an easy way to integrate some edginess to an outfit. Or try on a corded brown leather bracelet for a more laid back approach.

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